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"Don't ask us anymore about who we love. We've already found our soulmate. His/Her name is baskeball. The team is biantai."

BianTai does not means a pervert for BianTai-ians.
It consists of PRETTYGIRLS and GENTLEMEN. xD
It simply means an original and superb basketball team.
Even though we are not pros but yet, we are bond-ed in each game we play. [[= Trust me, you wont want to mess with BianTai. [=

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BianTai creator: LiNan Mama! [=
BianTai-M: Shermeen; Manager
BianTai-P: Priscilia; Team Captain
BianTai-C: Cherie;
BianTai-D: LeongWei
BianTai-E: Evon;
BianTai-H: HanLin;
BianTai-J: JonathanPong;
BianTai-K: KiatWee;
BianTai-R: Ronney;
BianTai-S: Sharon;
BianTai-T: Pearcesley;
BianTai-V: Vanessa;
BianTai-W: WeiSian

14 BianTai-ians... still on the count...

  • Shermeen:)
  • Priscilia:)
  • Cherie:)
  • LeongWei:)
  • Evon:)
  • HanLin:)
  • JonathanPong:)
  • Ronney:)
  • Sharon:)
  • Pearcesley:)
  • Vanessa:)
  • WeiSian:)

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    music here. =D


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    ✖Sunday, October 25, 2009
    Scored @11:28 PM/Walk down the memory lane
    Bonjour BianTai! :D I'm here to save this blog from dying! :) Sorry for not being able to do that for so long. Well, since I had nothing to blog about, let's take a walk down BianTai's memory lane. :)

    So, we first started at 23 June 2008 with only 6 of us. Initially, BianTai only allows girls to join because we wanted to be a unique all girls basketball clique.

    As time goes by, HanLin, Ronney and Pearcesley came in. :)

    Then, LeongWei, WeiSian, KiatWee and last but not least, Jonathan joined us. :)

    We had our first ever chalet on the 14th of March-16th of March 2009(:

    Then, we had our second chalet of the year, on the 1st September 2009-3rd September 2009(:
    Happy Biantai

    We had our fun. We laugh together, play together, go through thick and thins together. :)


    After going through so much, I'm glad we are still going strong as BIANTAI(:

    PS. 1 year 4th month had just past. :)
    When will be our next outing? :P



    Goodnight! There's school tmr. *groans* :p

    ✖Wednesday, October 7, 2009
    Scored @2:41 PM/Miss Biantai(:
    Hi BianTai(:
    How are you all? Busy with studies? Busy with work? Busy with killing boredom? haha. Well, no matter what you all are doing, just want to tell you all that,



    ✖Saturday, September 12, 2009
    Scored @3:43 PM/A way to remember BianTai date
    Hihi BianTai(:

    I'm here to blog. hahas. Okays, to entertain you all and also to teach you all something. hehe.

    Any ideas on how to remember BianTai anniversary date in an easy way? (:

    Well. One way which I had discovered is through Maths! hahas.

    Here goes:

    You only have to remember the date, 23 which is the number 2 and 3.
    Well, take 2 multiply by 3 and you got 6. Which is the month(:
    Then as for the year, take 2 to the power of 3 which is 8.
    And ta-dah! 23-06-08.

    whees! hahah. Okays, I find it kind of lame and random. But hope that you guys are entertained. hehe. =D

    Hope to see you all soon!

    I Love BianTai always. =]

    -Vanessa (:

    ✖Tuesday, September 1, 2009
    Scored @5:09 PM/

    Biantai's chalet is today. I can't wait. Like I can't wait!!!

    I shall be responsible for this time the chalet blog post. Woohoo.
    But now, the chalet is about to start so not so soon will update.
    Hope this chalet will bring us all closer than we are now.
    And perhaps, groom another set of couple. Oops. Haha. You guys know what I mean? Haha.

    So anyway, so far, it has been quite fun.
    The shopping and the discussion. Everyone is very enthusiastic about this chalet and that's a good thing. I dun wan any dead people among us. Alrights? Scally in the end, the one dead is me.

    Random, I had only like 4hours of sleep last night and I was so sleepy in the morning when I met them. My stomach had become my alarm clock. The pain wakes me up. Ok. That is super side track. Haha.

    Shopping this morning was great. The way we stood in the middle of Prime mart was cool. I mean, we were like birds chattering away and everyone was looking at us. I was not paisei about it though. I felt really happy. You guys leh?

    Haha. Shall update till here for now.
    See you biantai-ians later!!!

    ✖Monday, August 24, 2009
    Scored @9:20 PM/update on biantai's blog(:
    Okays. The blog is very dead. hahas. Shall keep it alive(:

    Okays actually is wanting to try whether I still remembers the password and username. haha.

    BianTai chalet on the 1st-3rd September! haha.
    Shall have more fun and like Priscilia said, take many many photos. (:

    Okays! Hope to see you all soon! :D